Introduced by the renowned teacher Carolyn Myss, Sacred Contracts is a system that synthesises psychology and spiritual insight.

Here you can identify your innate energies, or archetypes and use them to find out what you’re here on earth to learn, in other words, what your spiritual contracts are. With this knowledge you can uncover how to fulfil your greatest and divine potential.

I am a certified Archetypal Consultant for CMED.  I can read your Chart of Origin, Journey of Transformation or Fate to Destiny Wheels in depth; simply book directly through the scheduling system. Single sessions or bundles are available. I will then email you with the preliminary questionnaire.

If you’re completely new to Sacred Contracts and would like to discover the personal archetypes you are likely to encounter again and again, learn how to balance and harness them as your superpower, I would be delighted to accompany you on this journey by creating the programme best suited to you.

I will guide you through the process of casting your archetypal energy wheels and then provide you with an in-depth explanation. Please contact me. You will also find more information and resources on other pages of this website.

You can find Carolyn’s book here

Archetypal Consulting on Carolyn Myss’s Sacred Contracts

  • Chart of Origin (Natal) Archetypes
  • Journey of Transformation (based on a specific problem to be solved)
  • Fate to Destiny (your highest potential or sacred purpose)

1:1 sessions or bundles are available to read your Archetypal WheelFor those with more advanced knowledge of Sacred Contracts,  and you have your wheels, please allow 2 hours for a natal wheel, 4-6, 90 minute sessions for Transformation and Destiny wheels.

If you are new to Sacred Contracts, guidance on the number of consultations sessions you may need to:

Understand Sacred Contracts, learn how to cast your wheels, practice your interpretations, receive expert reading are below.

You’ll need to get the Carolyn Myss archetype deck to use as visual cues. View on Amazon

Chart of Origin Wheel (12 Archetypes)
Discovery session1 hour
Guided self-studyWeekly calls to discover the most active archetypes. The number of sessions needed will vary depending on the client’s knowledge and experience of working with archetypes.
Understand Archetypes and expand knowledgeTake available courses (dates TBA)
Choosing your Archetypes2 hours
Casting your primary wheel1 hour
Interpret your wheel with my guidance discussion3-4 hours
Receive reading1 hour

Transformation Wheels (on a specific problem) or Fate to Destiny Wheel
(36 Archetypes)

Introduction to the wheel1 hour
Cast the wheel1 hour
Discussion1 hour
Receive ReadingA minimum of 4-5 90min sessions

These are average estimates. Depending on progress and needs further hours may be added.

Contact for bespoke 1:1