The Golden Thread

Publication Date : 24 March 2022


Blending the sacred and the everyday, Amali Gunasekera’s second collection The Golden Thread is a search for grace through the deep process of transmuting emotional trauma into peace…

Lotus Gatherers

Publication Date : 26 May 2016


Amali Gunasekera’s first collection was published under her former name of Amali Rodrigo. This is a book marked by a sense of being on a threshold between worlds. In South and East Asian religious symbolism, the lotus flower embodies the promise of purity and transcendence because it rises clear out of the muddy mire of its origins. It represents both abstract realms and the concrete phenomenal world. The lotus root is also an aphrodisiac…

Read a poem and analysis here

The Deep Design of ‘I”​

2022 (Memoir/Psychology)

A Creative Artist’s Account of the Alchemical Process of Individuation.

A book that bridges the gap between psychology and the cathartic effect of practicing creativity.

Other Publications in Anthologies

Out of Sri Lanka: A collection of post-Independence Sri Lankan poetry

Forthcoming in 2023

edited byVidyanRavinthiran, ShashTrevett and Seni Seneviratne

Literary Journals & Anthologies

The Mighty Stream Poems in Celebration of Martin Luther King edited by Carolyn Forché & Jackie Kay

2017 Published by Newcastle University

Poetry Review, PN Review, Magma, Poetry London, Montreal International Poetry Prize Anthology among others…