Confidence, emotional resilience, and courage are all inside you. In these Immersive Workshops, you will focus on unlocking mental clarity for creative problem solving by identifying and harnessing Archetypal energies that are active or dormant in you.

An oak tree or maple planted in nature will grow to magnificent proportions.

But the same seed, planted as a Bonsai tree, will only grow to the size allowed by its container.

Your capacity to grow to your fullest expression is only limited by the container of your perception, of how you view yourself, the world around you and the problem you’re trying to solve.

In these programmes you will be given multiple tools and be guided through exercises to expand your outer and inner sight (wisdom). You can then harmonise them into a holistic, holographic view.

You will develop the capacity to be inside and outside the issue at the same time.

You will also learn how to get out of your own way (yes, this is often a sticking point) to be free to use the power you have always carried within.

Research is increasingly proving the connection between the mind and body, as we discover how changes in our thoughts can have real impact on the material world.

Photo by zhao on Unsplash

This is an innovative system that brings together many years of research combined with the latest developments in multiple fields such as Psychology, Creativity, and other Sciences.


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